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Summer Carrier

Go, forth, prosper, as if

Kansas now means any place, we're 

not. Here's Johnny! Knock. 

Knock. Babble on about the need


for speed. Keep moving and calling 

upon precedent: deja vu, and 

the ever bastardized call of 

the moon, mourning, and marriage. If


one more claims cliche,

I shall throw a fit. Fit, now 

a wonderfully common 

expression. Frankly,


my dear, yesterday, my friend 

said she couldn't remember 

the name of her favorite cereal. 

But knew to follow her nose,


language our luckiest charm-

that milk was got. Apples jacked. 

Cola Coked. Jack Crackered. A 

wonderful and reckless refurbishing!

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