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  • Catriona Keel

Growth & Experience

(Photo credit to artist: Anasha Barnes)

I’m hoping to gain a lot of experience from Elan, especially since it requires a lot from a person (in a good way) and is such a big part of both Douglas Anderson and the Creative Writing department. Experience is the key to what allows people to grow and shape into who they are meant to be. I’m hoping to gain at least a little bit of that from Elan because high-school is the prime time to be growing as a person and I know Elan will help me with sharing my thoughts and leading when I need to. Being a confident leader has been a huge struggle of mine for a while. I know Elan will change that.

My position is Junior Digital Media Editor and the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is learning how to grow and expand in the digital world. I’ve never really been a big person to use media as a way to connect to others, so it’ll be very interesting to see how being a part of the Digital Media team will teach me that. Another thing I’m definitely excited about with being on the Digital Media team is having a huge part in how Elan is seen as a whole. That sounds like a huge responsibility, but for me it’s also fun. As someone who runs two of the media pages, I get to

choose the art and what to say. I was very hesitant about taking this job at first because I was like, “Really? Is this for me?” Now I’m beginning to get used to everything I have to do it and not stress as much about what I’m doing.

The main thing that motivated me to join Elan was new experience. I’ve been telling myself that I’ll always put myself out there and do things I don’t feel comfortable with, and being on Elan, I believe, will challenge that. I’ve always had great experiences in Creative Writing, but I also needed something that would be a long-term challenge. Even though I said I’m feeling better right now with what I am doing, not everything is going to be like that all the time. I realize that sometimes it’s going to get stressful or I might be put on the spot for something and I’m willing to accept that because of the experience it will give me.

I see Elan helping me grow a lot. I’ve never really been a person who shares my ideas that much or someone who feel comfortable with leading all the time. I’m always very quiet and shy about sharing my thoughts and feelings. To be on Elan you do have to share sometimes so not everything is building up and you go into a spiral of things you don’t want to do. Being a part of Elan is giving me that chance to grow as a person and fill that role of being comfortable with my ideas and sharing them.

- Catriona Keel, Junior Digital Media Editor


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