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  • Taylor Austell

Filling Big Shoes


Next year I put my feet in Emily Leitch’s shoes. I’m afraid her shoes may be a few sizes too big to fit my size fives. I’ve tried them on a few times, walked around in them a little bit, but my heel might just slip out of the back.

I’ve learned a lot about the tedious process of layout from my own experience with InDesign, but I wouldn’t have learned some of the most important things about placement and design without the help of my senior editor. We had to figure it out together, test the water a little bit, since we were both new to the process. Through this, my eye for what Élan is has effloresced into something intimate because now it means so much to me.

The hardest part of this year was definitely starting from scratch and maintaining the continuity and the branding of the book. Once we established our image and tweaked the templates we had a really good idea of what we were going for. I am so proud to be a part of this delicate process because the caliber of our book’s art and writing deserves every bit of dedication and reverence from the staff.

I led the design of our spring edition and really got the chance to get my hands dirty in the printer ink and keyboard dust. Designing the book takes a team and without my team of editors there is no way the book could have achieved the greatness it did.

I could not be more proud of our print edition. The greatest prize was to see our work evolve into something tangible and professional. I know it will leave a big legacy for Emily Leitch as she departs for college; she deserves every bit of it.

I hope that I can stand up to the high standards she’s placed so that next year’s editions can be just as meaningful to the legacy of our book. It’s time to start walking in her shoes.

-- Taylor Austell, Layout and Website Editor


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