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  • Olivia Meiller

Coffee House: Catalyst

Seeing Elan put together Coffee House has been my most rewarding experience on this  publication. Although, events like Homecoming required similar amounts of work, and the work was all worth it, Coffee House is so unique to DA and the creative writing department that I am exponentially more drawn to it.

2018 marked my third year attending Coffee House. I was a member of the core team involved with planning the program, and did everything from help generate ideas for decoration to physically setting up hours before the performance. (Compare that to freshman year, when I didn’t even know Elan put on the event.) The night-of, I was immensely proud of our department. I honestly wish I had invited more people. Coffee House has always been such an immersive and moving display of the creative writers here…I don’t know of any other school that displays student talent so uniquely and so beautifully. Students from all departments (but primarily creative writing) create original performances such as poems, spoken word, songs, skits, dances, etc. have a night to showcase their work on a DA stage.

Obviously, as an Elan member, I felt proud about what we accomplished. But, more importantly, I felt proud as an artist. The vulnerability and bravery expressed that night is inspiring in ways I never could have imagined. One piece made me cry, every time, without fail—even at rehearsal. Staying after school, struggling with the details, cleaning up after…it was all worth it. I am always moved by this experience, and can’t wait to help again next year.

- Olivia Meiller, Junior Editor-in-Chief


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