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  • Grace Brodeen

Admiration for Creation

Every piece in Élan deserves to be recognized for their ingenuity, intuition, and attention to craft. One such piece is “GG Explains It All” by Thaiyana Pittman. Thaiyana recently gave life to her words at the Jax by Jax student showcase. The language in this piece exudes life and a fondness for culture. The speaker elicits a sense of domestic intimacy. Throughout this piece, the reader learns along with the character. We grow closer to speaker, and gain an understanding of her heritage and the importance of her roots.

Another beautiful take on heritage come sin the form of the art piece Mexican from the Corazón by Britney Garibay. The two-spread piece depicts a woman gazing straight into the viewers eyes, her hair flowing to the side and fading into the flag of Mexico. The subject is stands unfaltering, embracing her identity as a part of her being. The colors in this piece are vibrant and lively, enhancing the subject. This piece is one that catches the eye and holds it prisoner. Mexican from the Corazón captures its viewers not just in its colors and composition, but in its roots in self-identity.

Élan is such a special place for art and writing to live for this very reason. Every artistic endeavor comes from a need for self-expression. Art is what ties the world to a common understanding. Élan is a place where young writers and artists can express their visions to the world. We long to give the youth a platform for their creations.

The Fall Online Edition of Élan is the first copy of Élan that I have helped produce firsthand. I am so delighted to be a part of the process that highlights fantastic works and recognizes their creator’s efforts.

-  Grace Brodeen, Senior Marketing Editor


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