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How Lucky we Are

Meredith Anglin

How lucky we are to be alive.

How lucky we are to exist, and to comprehend, and to feel love and sorrow and hatred and peace, and to experience.

How lucky to walk the earth and feel the grass under our feet and to hear the sweet music of life surrounding us.

And how beautiful it is to cry. How beautiful for us to feel so much emotion that we simply cannot contain it within our bodies. For us to instead place a bit of that emotion within a droplet of water and release it from ourselves. How powerful that is, that we can feel so deeply and so fully that we simply overflow. That we cannot hold it in any longer.

How beautiful it is to live. And how rare. How impossible it is that we are in a seemingly infinite universe and that we just happen to be on the one planet we know of that can host life. Have you ever thought of that? We are on the one planet that has art on it. We are on the one planet where people can dance. The one planet that holds nature and food and children and joy and dreams.

And how lucky we are. How lucky. That we may have hearts among us that fill with love for every other heart, that hurt and bleed and burn and go beyond the point that you would expect to empty them of any feeling at all, yet still love tremendously and blindly. Hearts that can see a beautiful picture or read a beautiful line of poetry and be filled with love and sorrow and yearning and care, deep genuine care for everything that breathes, oh, how lucky we are indeed!

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