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Cecelia Richardson

I want to think,

I want to rhyme,

I want to get it in on time,

But I can’t.

Today I want to write the best words

They have ever seen.

I want them to look at my work

And do nothing but beam.

I want to prove I can be one of the greats.

Be one of the absolute best

Among Plath, Poe, and Yeats.

I want to soar with my words

Like the birds outside my window

That I get inspiration from every day.

I want to piece phrases, metaphors, and idioms together

Like a big poetic puzzle

You can quote and add to your wall.

I want to prove that I have the gall

To be better than them all.

But I’m stuck

And don’t know where to go.

My puzzle pieces don’t fit

And my words don’t flow.

How can I soar with the birds high up in the sky

When I’m a worm just trying to get by?

How can I be among the poetic giants

With Wilde, Dunbar, and Frost

When left alone with my words,

I’m lost.

How can I create a picture puzzle

When my pieces don’t fit?

How can I have the gall

To be better than them all

While stuck in this pit?

I guess I can try tomorrow

With a fresh blank slate.

Tomorrow I can prove that I’m good enough

To be great.

I can look at new birds flying by

And get a new puzzle to try.

I can try again tomorrow

And let my pen soar.

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