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Becoming One

Amelia Elder

I lay in the grass 

Every time I go to leave 

My skin aches for the grass  


The tingling feeling 

That reminds me 

Everything will be okay 


The sun coating my skin 

With fresh, thick, steamy pools of heat 

Causing a sudden redness plastering my forehead 


Circus music 


Ringing my ears 

Spinning my head around 


And I can see everything 

The World, Space, darkness, light 

The world seems great 


But I'd rather hide from it 

Preferring to lay in the grass 

The grass that protects me 


Hiding my heart, 

Keeping me safe from all pain 

Make sure it doesn’t get hurt 


Then I feel a sucking motion. 

Does my heart want to go out there? 

Explore things? Find love? Be in my chest, thumping hardly? 


I'm pulled towards the ground 

Trying to break free 

But the grass pulls me down 


Within five seconds 

I'm in the Earth, Space, the Universe 

I've become one, with my heart 


The empty void inside of me is filled 

My heart is not only protected by me 

But by the Universe 


I have become one, finally, 


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