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The Photographer V2 by Mary Lefluer

Before I was Mint by Abigail Griffin

Persephone enters my world the way

Lightning strikes dry Earth:

Discordant, Unwelcoming, Jarring.

Her eyes, honey poured over


Daisy petals, find his

Beneath dewdrop lashes in a

Mimicry of coyness.

She grew   up in meadows


Nurtured by flower nymphs and

He is infatuated with the way she views the world

As something beautiful,



We are not like that.

We are not like her.


He must understand this, because it is

My bed he falls into when her

Sloping edges prove too slippery for his

Serrated fingertips, and he slips right off the side.


I never turn My King away.

He has a way of painting everything golden, if

Only for an hour, and it is not my

Right, regardless.


I, a nymph born in River Cocytus.

I, a nymph born in the River of Wailing.

My silhouette is rough and staccato, so that

I might fit all his saw-toothed pieces like


A jigsaw made of flesh and bone.

The closest I will ever get to springtime is

His hands on my hips, and the way he

Talks to me when the lights are off. It is warm. 


Persephone does not need his warmth, but

She is a greedy creature and

I am not a god. O how much easier

Life would be if I was.


Her honey-daisy eyes sparkle as she

Swallows those six seeds down without chewing. 

I know without asking

He will not be returning to my bed.


It is a cold day in Hades when she

Twists my bones into sinewy vines, my

Lungs into pleated leaves, and my

Heart into a cluster of dirty roots.


I exit their world the way

Souls exit fleshly bodies:

Voiceless, Discarnate, Forlorn.

Persephone plants my husk in her herb garden, beside berries.


I never thought my burial would

Smell of mint and lemon poppy seed.


About the Writer...

Abbey Griffin likes reading during thunderstorms and iced chai lattes. She prefers fantasy to realistic fiction. Her favorite author is Terry Pratchett, and when she isn't writing she can be found binging fashion reality shows.

About the Artist...

Mary Lefleur is a student at Savannah Arts Academy. She was self taught until freshman year, and has always enjoyed doing art. She hopes to one day combine her artistic talents with her passion for STEM.

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