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Gilded Embrace by Isabella Woods

Wax-Feathered Heart

By Izzy Falgas

In a prison trapped by way of sea and land,

watching as your fingers run through soft wax,

I’ve seen gentle smiles and calloused hands;

father deftly lining quills up from the smallest.


They took him forty-two days to construct

  which left me forty-three to gaze down at you.


“I reached out to you, to cup your honey in my hands. / All I could grasp was dripping wax.”  

You soared, wings brushing my sky

as I perch on my own chariot of ignorance.

I reached out to you, to cup your honey in my hands.

All I could grasp was dripping wax.


  Your eyes were on the sky,

counting the stars of Orion—

why did they never lock onto me?


Too far to hold you, near enough to hurt you;

is arm's length still too close?

Cupped in my hands is your ambrosia I never had.

You were never vain; I was the selfish one.


Washed up on the white sands of Icaria,

death held close as the sun fell in love with a dead man.


About the Writer...

Izzy Falgas is a freshman in Harrison School for the Arts and is in the Creative Writing department. She enjoys writing poetry and flash fiction in her free time, as well as creating other forms of visual art. She has won many awards and accolades for her visual art, including FAEA’s Award of Distinction and a gold ribbon in SSYRA’s visual category. She has a novel in the works, but is mainly occupied by piles of homework and playing with her four-month-old puppy.

About the Artist...

Isabella Woods is a junior at Savannah Arts Academy. She knew at a young age that she was interested in doing art. Some of her influences have come from her grandmother, mom, and teachers who have all inspired her with their own art. Now attending Savannah Arts Academy, she is able to be creative everyday with multiple different kinds of art.

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