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Second Place Team by Stella McCoy

Texas Children

By Isobel Stevenson

We are eight and nine and ten, sitting in the back of a truck, moving up and down, down and up with the rhythm of the rocks. The stars are out, so many they almost block the moon. We are lunar creatures, free as a breath of air, souls full of summer and sunburn. We are Texas children who bore heat rash before scars, who caught snakes and watched scorpions fight in lights. We are tough kids: Lord of the Flies unbound, barreling towards a farm to blister and pick grass.

“I point out the Big Dipper to him, something I learned in science class, and he nods.  I feel infinite.”  

  Sonny takes my hand in the bed of the truck when I almost fall out. He’s one of the tough boys I want to be. He’s rogue and brave and I’m almost as tall as him. “You gotta hold on,” he says, always watching out for me. I nod, keep his hand close, and look up at the sky. I point out the Big Dipper to him, something I learned in science class and he nods. I feel infinite.

  In the back of the truck, we are infinite: Texas children turned lunar creatures, barreling through our memory.


About the Writer...

Isobel Stevenson is a high school student in Houston, Texas. She loves the summer more than the winter, and her favorite book is Catcher in the Rye.

About the Artist...

Stella McCoy is a current junior at Headwaters School in Austin, Texas. She particularly enjoys using 2D media within her work, such as oil and acrylic paint. Within her subject matter, she’s often inspired by other artistic disciplines beyond the visual arts, including ballet and classical guitar.

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