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As we approach the upcoming warmer months of spring and summer, we bear witness to life emerging and evolving—to new and old, to reckoning and revelation. To our readers, we bring this life to you in language and art. As Élan emerges into its 36th year, we enter with fresh eyes but with the same purpose: to highlight, uplift, and empower emerging young writers and artists in conversation with the world around them. We invite you, our readers, to explore your own individual and diverging paths in this issue, to find single solace; to take a step back, to reminisce, to laugh, to feel, and to be affirmed in this anthology of personal exploration and self-evident truth.

We bring you the Spring/Summer 2022 Issue: a labor of passion. A love letter to the capabilities of young voices and the possibilities of the future.

-Editors-in-Chief Blair Bowers and Brendan Nurczyk

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