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Editor's Note

Zoe Lathey & Blair Bowers

We present this issue to you through a new lens. As the world is changing, we are changing, ever growing and learning. Within this new platform we want to share with you the changes Elan has undertaken, after 35 years of creating a space for artists to share their voices and express their ideas, we have launched a cleaner, newer, better online space.  On a continuous journey of self-exploration, we want to share with you the journey of these unique individuals who share their stories through art.

We bring you the Spring 2021 Issue; as you travel through this issue we encourage you to also think of the new year and the new beginnings for yourself, as Elan has and as these artists have. This issue contains a world of possibility and exploration, let it guide you and speak to you.

We thank you for taking the time to explore with us and with these artists.


Zoe Lathey and Blair Bowers

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