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Anoushka Dugar

The little girl couldn’t see.

The Sun had shut her eyelids,

So she couldn’t look at the stars

The Sun was a vain creature.

The little girl wanted to see color

So she walked across the cobblestone streets

Hissed at the fiery star in the sky

As breaths dribbled out of her mouth

trickling down her chin


have you closed my eyes?

(The Sun was too busy talking to the Moon.)

She waited,

to silence.

The little girl glided across

shattered glass of lost voices

Paused to look into a small pond

There was a fish with one eye who smiled

You want to see color I heard,

The little girl nodded


hold orange in your hand

And let its warmth travel into your veins

Until your whole body is filled with this light

Hear it.

Strum like a guitar

Slicing through your breath.

The little girl ran across a grassy knoll.

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