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Editors' Note

Élan has begun to stride into the new as we enter our 38th year. New thoughts on our legacy, new perspectives on our future, new voices and artists to elevate, and new promises to you—our readers who have been willing to go on the road of self-discovery with us. We remain committed to our purpose, yet we are excited to continue towards the next stages of our growth.

As the year draws to a conclusion, we stride to strike a balance between the familiar and everything we are on the precipice of. Élan's Fall/Winter 2023 nestles itself comfortably between sentiment for the past and longing for the future.

This issue's work reflects this, encouraging readers to establish their own balance by focusing on self-evolution, relationships, and the parts of ourselves that want to bend and expand. We ask that you be open to the new and explore the realm of words and art these artists have created.


Niveah Glover, Emma Klopfer, Jaslyn Dickerson & Avery Grossman

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