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Life in a Shadow by Isabelle Woods

We Call it Our Mother Tongue

by Saria Abedin

We Call it Our Mother Tongue

because it is the melody that our mothers sang to us in lullabies.

Because they were the first ever words

to birth the voices of our young minds.

Yet ever so often, when I find myself afraid

That someday it would become foreign to my ears.

I remember the sounds that flow through the blood in my veins

have carried this language for years.

I carry with me the only language

for which the Earth was stained in red,

The only language for which martyrs stood unwavering

to the gunshots that silenced them in my stead.

For a generation of voices had echoed battles cries

As they fought for every last word,

So that one day when it would reach me,

My voice could be heard


About the Writer...

Saria Abedin is a senior at Perry High School, Gilbert Arizona. She writes about memories and moments in her life that define her and inspire the creativity for her interest in writing. Besides enjoying typing away at her laptop or scribbling thoughts in a journal, she loves reading all sorts of literature and poetry, and cannot live without listening to her favorite music.

About the Artist...

Isabelle Woods was born in Savannah Georgia and has lived their whole life. She knew at a young age that she was interested in doing art. Some of her influences of doing art have come from her grandmother and mom, who both inspired her with their own art. More people that have influenced her are her teachers. Now, attending Savannah Arts Academy, she is able to be creative every day with multiple different kinds of art.

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