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Editor’s Note

As our 36th year comes to an end, Elan is starting to unearth a new environment and quality of work in all aspects of our publication. We near our 37th year of publishing with our eyes and spirit wide open to new promises and challenges. In this issue you will encounter work that speaks to both the beauty and anguish of change.

In lieu of breaking new ground and treading unchartered waters, Elan’s Fall/Winter 2022 embraces self-discovery through writing, art, and the voyage of expansion. We want you to see this issue as a passage, a mirror requiring both examination of the self and the world around us. We ask that you traverse this new landscape of words and art with us and come out on the other side with new perspectives.

Editors-in-chief Brendan Nurczyk, Niveah Glover, and Emma Klopfer

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