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Where I'm From

Giovanni Jacques

Bantu by Nyriel Saures

Where I'm From

by Giovani Jacques

I am from 

Saturday morning bible studies, 

men in suits preaching about Bondye, 

and all that he sacrificed for 



I am from hours spent,// watching Palmettos swing in the breeze,// songbirds singing their divine songs,// of love, and// freedom.

I am from hours spent, 

watching Palmettos swing in the breeze, 

songbirds singing their divine songs, 

of love, and 



I am from oak trees towering over Bolete mushrooms, 

its mycelium in a bond with all the roots 

of all the oak trees one could see. All 



I am from makak, 

and wop kon jorge, 

echoing from the lips of the ones you love, 

the moment you happen to be less than 



I’m from brothers badgering, 

and pesky sisters, 

and mothers 



I am from facetime calls with loved ones 

live from an island, 

envy held on both sides of the screen, 

both wishing to be in the shoes of the other, 

both wanting to 



About the Writer...

Giovani Jacques is a first-generation Haitian-American writer hailing from Jacksonville, Florida. He describes writing as a unique outlet for him, using it to express complex concepts and ideas that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day.

About the Artist...

Nyriel Saures is a senior art major. She's been creating art ever since she was a little girl. Besides art, she really likes fashion too. She plans on continuing her artistic journey going into college and even after that.

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