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  • Shamiya Anderson

What I’ve Learned from the Élan Staff of 2013- 2014

shamiya is amazing

Quiet as I am, throughout my first year as an Élan staffer, I have noticed a lot of things. One: the seniors are pretty awesome. Two: they’ve taught me a whole lot about myself without ever having to say a word.

Emily Cramer, Editor in Chief, taught me how to lead by example with a bright personality and a whole lot of love.

Kiera Nelson, Fiction Editor, taught me the importance of self- confidence.

Emily Jackson, Non-fiction Editor, taught me how to think as an editor not as a casual reader.

Makenzie Fields, Submissions Editor, taught me that being organized is the only way to get through life.

Raegan Carpenter, Poetry Editor, taught me how to laugh at everything that can possibly go wrong.

Haley Hitzing, Social Media Editor, taught me to stay on top of things and take very copious notes.

Brittanie Demps, Poetry Editor, taught me to live life.

Emily Leitch, Print and Web Design Editor, taught me that being small should never make you act small.

And most importantly all of the seniors taught me through their constant love and support how to be someone worth being remembered. Trust me, I will remember all of them.

— Shamiya Anderson, Nonfiction Editor


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