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  • Savana Pendarvis

The Exploration of Comfort


The most comfortable I've ever felt has been in a field full of strangers. Sweat burning its way through my clothes. Sun beating down a steady rhythm on my scalp. Though it might not sound too enjoyable, it is one of my favorite places to be. Its rare to find a group of people who all find pleasure in the same exact things and then on top of that, be able to get them all together for a music festival. This opportunity was something i had never experienced on such a large scale. After my first concert, I realized that it was something I needed in my life.

Everyone has their own version of this experience. Whether it be in the church pews or an empty bedroom. It's so important that everyone, especially teenagers, take time to find the places in life they feel comfortable. It offers a way to discover yourself in a freeing and safe environment.

I lived for most of my life feeling different, less impactful moments of comfort. Being tucked into covers fresh from the dryer. Feeling my father hug me goodnight. Leaning back in my seat after eating until my mouth was tired of chewing. All of these moments are ones I wouldn't trade for the world. However, time makes these moments seem less important.

There are still days where I crave those quiet intimate moments. But now that so many years have gone by, I find more comfort in being cradled by a mass of strangers than I would in being cradled by any single person.

Whatever you find comfort in, don't be afraid to find new, different ways of being happy. Try painting, sculpting, go somewhere you've never been before. Eventually, you will find something so different, so new, that you will never be able to look at the rest of your life in the same way.

-Savana Pendarvis, Junior Creative Nonfiction Editor


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