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  • Mariah Abshire

Thank You, Élan

Mariah May

It flabbergasts me to realize this school year only has five more Mondays left. I can still recall my first day in Élan and the year was swollen with plethora of Mondays. Nerves and anxiety rattled my bones. It was the first day of my junior year and expectations were nothing short of homework filled nights and a restless sleep schedule. To make matters worse, I entered a class filled with mostly upperclassmen I had never spoken to. I teetered on the belief that the school year was going to be nothing to look forward to.

Flash forward a semester, Élan is preparing for the annual spring online launch. This half of the year, juniors are in foreground of leadership making decisions for the book. I see this as the time period where I really became comfortable with the staff. Staying after school for days on end allowed us to drop our filters and act as if no one else was the room. We all bonded over terrible jokes and our shared love for the production on the computer screens. This was where I stopped looking at myself as part of a staff, and instead as part of a literary family.

All year I have been especially nervous about the seniors leaving this magazine in our hands. Uncertainty of whether we all would be ready to take on the responsibility clouded my mind with paranoia. But witnessing the senior editors ask questions and reveal doubt made me realize otherwise. It’s okay if I don’t possess every parcel of knowledge needed to run a literary magazine. That isn’t possible for a single person to accomplish. We’re a team for a reason. Everyone withholds unique skill that when all brought together, creates the necessary ingredients to run Élan. This year alone, our class has totally flipped this magazine around and made more progress with branding our name than ever before. I can only imagine what all will occur next year.

--Mariah Abshire, Poetry Editor (& Assistant Editor-in-Chief)


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