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  • Emily Cramer

New Year, New Élan!

Cramer And Makenzie1

Welcome back! A new school year has begun at Douglas Anderson, and with it a new year of Élan. Our magazine went through countless changes last year, most notably our move to two online editions, as well as a print compilation. It was challenging but incredibly rewarding.

This year our new staff is eager to begin. Élan will continue to be an outlet for creative and talented young artists and writers, as it has been for twenty-seven years now.

We strive to be a cutting edge magazine, continuing to change and develop our brand. We uphold strict submission guidelines that ensure all pieces in the magazine are at the highest caliber.

Thank you for embarking on this journey with us. We look forward to the adventures we are sure to have this year.

--Emily Cramer, Élan Editor-in-Chief


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