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  • Emily Cramer

Inaugural Words

Welcome to Élan literary magazine.  This launch of our website is the beginning of what our staff hopes will be a home for aspiring young writers and artists. We are proud that what started out as an after school club in 1986 has grown to a publication that accepts submissions from national and international high school students. This year, as our inaugural dive into the digital world, we will publish two online magazines. A year-end print edition will highlight the best of all this work.

Our staff selects all pieces for publication through three to four rounds of evaluation as part of a blind reading process. Writing submissions, which include fiction, non-fiction and poetry, are read by all staff members and art pieces are chosen by group discussion. We follow the National Council for Teachers of English guidelines for excellence in writing and look to seasoned professional writers and professors of English for our overall finalists in writing and art.

The experience of creating our first digital magazine after years of print editions has deepened our identity as a publication run by young artists and writers for young artists and writers. As the world becomes involved in our endeavor, we strive to be on par with prestigious literary publications in offering artists new opportunities to share work. We are a dedicated staff under the direction of two passionate teachers, and we hope to make the staffs of years past proud.

With that said, we continue the tradition of spontaneous, boundless love for art and literature, while adding a fresh edge that reflects the changing dynamics for youth around the world. This website is a place for creative thoughts to be published, but also a place for reflection and interpretation. It is our valued readers who keep such an imaginative book alive.

With much gratitude,

Jenn Carter and Emily Cramer, Editors-in-Chief

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