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  • Sheldon White

Becoming a Genre Editor

The importance I attach to my appointment with the publication was spurred by the rumored quality and responsibility attached to current editors and their positions. I found myself drawn to the value in sourcing new literacy works, and found the prospect of producing a tangible product, such as the magazine, to be of alluring interest.

As genre editor, I get to determine and monitor the content that the publication selects, as well as ensure the preservation of the image we have cultivated in public events in and around the artistic spheres of greater Jacksonville. It is in this duality I have found myself in that I am allowed an integral role in the function of the product itself, as well as involvement in the managerial direction of the organization itself. My position, which allows a wide array of vested opportunities for involvement in all aspects of the publication, lets me engage with the artistic community of our community, and many facets of our production process.

As I am tasked with the vetting and control of quality for the pieces we receive from our community of writers, I am able to apply my especially stringent filter in order to source the finest pieces in the expansive pool of selections we receive. It is in this way that I hope to be able to bring to the publication a renewed spirit of quality and a standard for acceptance in our selections.

My hand in the presence of our magazine in events throughout Jacksonville and beyond will allow me, to an extent, the opportunity for supervision and direction to the way we present ourselves as a brand. My connections to the artistic community we pander to, as well as my knowledge of potential spaces for our introduction in events will bring to the publication a new dimension of viability in the realm of local literary talent. It has now become an investment for me, to be able to contribute a level of standard, and to ensure the level of communication delegated to me by my superiors permits me an emotional connection to the success of our product.

To become involved in something as goal driven as a periodical publication such as this involves the intense binding of my personal character to the performance I provide to the team. I inherently need opportunities for me to explore and grow facets of my artistic abilities, as well as contribute to a common goal with a team of others sharing a vested interest.

I expect my role as genre editor to be expansive, with responsibilities ranging through many aspects of the organization. I want to be able to wield both my family’s connections to the artistic community at large, as well as my desire for our success to further the interests of our fiscal success and mission. It is of supreme importance to my artistic growth, as well as the success of the publication that I have been allotted the space to operate that I have. Élan brings an exciting chance for experience and the improvement to the literary oeuvre of Jacksonville.

- Sheldon White, Junior Fiction/CNF Editor


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