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A Thriving Abyss by Catye Evoniuk

your favorite song

like a song, this night is

melodic and mellowing

we cruise through roads in

the hand-me-down car I got from my uncle,

A broken stereo screen and two dents

in the passenger door, hand on my leg

other steering us home,

so dark out

all we can see is the pavement ahead of us.

you look so silly driving my little orange car,

your head nearly hits the ceiling at every turn,

your hands too big for the steering wheel.

you drive my Honda like it's your Mustang

what felt like 60 was only 40 and when

we reach your house; I can’t stop myself from giggling--

no shoes. criss cross in the passenger seat.

my laugh echoes through echoes

high pitched chuckling circles our ears.

later, you play guitar in your room

lying at the edge of your bed, I

watch you play the hook from

The Man Who Sold the World. my hair greasy,

heavy black eye makeup smudged, but I couldn’t be more

at ease the way you play this song like Bowie himself,

all I can think about is how much I love it

when your hair falls in front of your face as you play,

pick hanging from your mouth

I catch you looking at me through clumps of fluffy brown hair

you shake your head, hair falling back in place

you know I love it when you

play me your latest favorite song.

it's all I listen to for weeks.

on my way home,

my Honda clanks through roads

my hands too small for the steering wheel,

I play your latest favorite song,

add it to all my playlists and

learn the lyrics, so next time I see you

I, too can sing along

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