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Growing Pains by Kayden Davis

Homemade Blueberry Pie

By Via Sheahin

"our laughter / echoes like thunder / erupting from the night sky / & / washing away every / lasting drop of our innocence"

we watched the sunrise every morning, 

observing as the sky curled and twisted 

into hundreds of different hues, 

i view our childhood 

through pink and  

orange tinted glass. 

every memory is splattered 

on slabs of concrete 

glittered by vibrant chalk. 

ice cream dripping down chins, 

catching raindrops on 

our tongues; 

our laughter 

echoes like thunder 

erupting from the night sky 


washing away every  

lasting drop of our innocence; 

i sat alone 

and watched every sunrise slowly turn to gray. 

i still feel the sickly sweet taste 

of lemonade stands 

and homemade blueberry pie 

settling uneasily in my throat. 

you drank your freedom away 

to forget 

but i'm still drinking 

the rain. 


About the Writer...

Via Sheahin is a 15 year old student from Chicago, Illinois. She enjoys poetry as an escape from life but also a look into it. She has been previously published in Cathartic Lit and Teen Ink, among others forthcoming.

About the Artist...

Kayden Davis is a visual arts senior student at Douglas Anderson. She enjoys painting and drawing as a medium but also enjoys a bit of photography as well.

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